First Snow
Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Can you see the video above?I took that one from our window...

The day after Christmas,our place was showered by snow!!It was really beautiful!
It snowed for three days then again on the last day of 2008!

I always like snow...I hated the cold season before but now I appreciate it.In fact,I have a plan to learn some snow-sports such as ice skating or ski.Next month,I might join my husband and Ally in her first ski lesson.

We will see...I want to visit Yamagata again,or maybe Sapporo just to see the larger pile of snow!!
posted by ghee at 4:49 PM
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Comments for First Snow
Dear ghee

please see those videos

then help us to publish them

and please vest those blogs

thank you very much

Looks wonderful. Keep warm. We have 2 feet here.

Pecos Blue のblog から来る。
きれいねえ 初雪。
Gheeさんはたぶん関東で住まない。あたし 千葉で住んだとき 冬は寒いだけ、雪はぜんぜんなかった。。。

Wow what a weather! Cold looks cold. LOL I love to look at snow, but not to live where there is snow.

Have fun skiing, Ghee.

thanx for sharing!Ive watched some of them. :)

wow!2 ft!hey,nice to see you here...though i hope you visit my other active blog,too. :)

thanx to pecos blue then!your nihongo is good btw. :) hope to see you again later!!

you bet!really cold!

I wish I cud learn afraid of height kasi,I cant ride it to the mountain,LOL!



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