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Friday, January 22, 2010

Trying to exercise in the backyard...having fun in the grass...No wonder why he has gained good muscles recently.Aging is too quick for them eh?After a couple of months,he will no longer be a baby...

The foam retracts above the legible symphony.

Ahh,I don`t know what it means...Go figure! lol
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I want to change my cell phone,but I`m still waiting for the end of my 2 yr. contract that would be on December.I kindly love the design of the pic above...

Honestly,up to now,I have no idea how to use my cell phone properly,LOL!I have no patience to find out all the usages.Last Thursday,our manager taught me how to use "infrared"..What was that?It is the button that will send your infos or receive in one click!LOL!I was so happy when I learned it which was actually a very easy thing to do.I used to type numbers or the mail addresses manually in my contacts,I`m such an idiot! :D
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Maintain A Good Health

There was a general check up for all the citizens here in Japan starting this June.The government covers some of the expenses so the bills would all be affordable.I didn`t make it again this year.I was too busy and had no time to attend to clinics or any public establishments wherein the check ups were held.

Let us prioritize our health...Women should really save some of their times coz we have a lot of aspects to be focused on.Try to check out your breasts most of the time to find out soon if you have a breast cancer.Myoma also occurs when aging.Various type of cancer,such as mesothelioma and so on might appear in your way.Just do the practice of attending to check ups or seeing your doctors regularly.
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Monday, June 01, 2009

My younger daughter made this in just a few seconds.I am amazed coz honestly,I have no talent about drawing,sketching,painting and such even through the means of computer.

Can you tell what is it?

She said it is Mt.Fuji!!

Sure...why not?haha!I kinda love this so I decided to blog it.
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Homy Feeling

Red is the theme of my house.(Even my template eh?haha!)Well,I do love red.My carpet and mats in the living room,kitchen and the entrance door are all red!Now,I am trying to find some substitute for my red rugs.They`re still new,yeah,but of course,it`s fun to change the ambiance of your house very now and then!

Oh,plants can give you a very cozy home atmosphere,too!Of course,it`s planting season so I`m into gardening and arranging flower and plants right now. :)
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Sleep Tight

I always love to go to Interior Shops just to look what`s in store for ideas and fun.Of course,I do purchase some that would derive me to do so. :) I love looking at the Kitchen Utensils corner,Living room furnitures,bed room arrangement section(the whole package in it including beds and curtains).

I don`t consider this a "worthless" matter.It is necessary for Moms to maintain this kind of attitude in order to love her home,to take care of it with passion and to enjoy every thing that she does daily.I won`t lose my appreciation to those beds,classic,modern,antique,sophisticated or even simple.You can find some affordable with a good quality sleep number bed at the internet,too if you would just browse fo it. :)
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Let`s Go On Camping!

Have you ever tried to drive without any destinations?

I sometimes do that...It`s challenging,adventure and refreshing as well.Speaking of driving fun,summer is in the air and it`s oh so good to travel,do a camping and barbecue or fireworks at night,going to the beach or festivals,and so on and so forth.

We haven`t done camping yet...Now I wonder why?The first reason was our small car.That can`t load lots of luggages for the concept,the second reason was time.Now,we(I) have more time than reminds me to pursue this plan of ours but the problem is the car(again).Ugh!Well,maybe we can rent just for how many days.So,better to start looking for rv parks or campgrounds?
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have not taken any good Sakura Trees this year.Honestly,I was lazy to go out to join the crowd for Hanami coz of my hay fever.Yeah,pollens were everywhere and I noticed that the effect in me was worse than ever!Up to now,I`m still suffering from itchy eyes and nose,sneezing,runny nose,itchy skin,and I think my head is affected too.I will take medicines earlier next time.I will see to it that I wouldn`t experience the same again next season.How can I enjoy the outdoor activities with this hay fever of mine?Urgh...

Anyhoo,I had a chance to take a pic of this fully bloomed Cherry Blossom tree near my friend`s house.I forgot my camera on that day,as usual,so I had a poor shot I know.But still,it is such a pretty tree!
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