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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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A German friend of mine bought a house 4 years ago,at her age of forty or something,and her husbands 50 or something.It`s no wonder that they can afford to pay mortgages because her husband is a professor of the famous University here,and his line is Philosophy.Although,it happened that their children started to go to Universities,Private Senior High Schools and Junior High School at that time,that made them really tighten their belts.She talked about how hard it was but at least they are still in the same house up to now.She is blessed with a good husband and smart and beautiful kids,who really look like their mom,and not typical Japanese.In fact,I love the face of her girl,the youngest among her siblings.

She said she`s definitely will go home in Germany one day,after her husband`s retirement.She considers the mortgage refinance,although the eldest of her kids would be the one to maintain their home in the future.So,it depends on how they would settle their situation in the future.I really wish them good luck and good health.

There are more to learn about loans,refinancing and everything.And you could find more informative things in this mortgage blog.So,if you`re in teh situation of seeking your new home,try to read a lot and it would help you for some reasons.
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