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Thursday, November 01, 2007

I`ve been reviewing some sites and by a chance,I stumbled upon this blog that took some of my time to read the contents that really interested me being a pro blogger.It enlightened me a lot! The infos that we could get to see everywhere and those we couldn`t get to know everyday were written there that really made me focused for a while.

They`re all on the table.The usage of RSS Feeds,your blog traffic,creating some buzzes or even the methods of monetizing your blog.I found one article that made me ponder if it was true,it`s all about this free site wagon that is designed for every blogger globally to advertise your own blog by signing,people will get be able to view the title of your posts that would make them read or visit your site.Why it brought me to thinking?Because I`ve just uploaded the wagon on my blog yesterday,LOL!

Another lesson I`ve learned is that,"blogger should read a lot,more than just typing"!Now,that`s new to me.Of course,I do read,but I type more than read!The good thing about reading some other sites is that you could really comprehend to what are they referring to,being a blogger yourself.

You can relate with what I`m saying here if you would visit Chris Bloczynski dot Com.Some of his categories are Business And Marketing,Entrepeneurship,Mentorship,Reviews and so on and so forth.If you want to know more details,try to visit the site.

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Really like your site.

Your site has been reviewed by the radical blogger = you can see the results here:

It may take several hours for the front page article to appear. You review however has been published.


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