Guarantee For Warranty
Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You pay,we work.

Everything relies on money.Have you known that there are less security guards now in Japan compare to the generations before?We used to depend on people who guarded banks,establishments or any other companies.Now,it is so rare,people are being replaced by machines.I do agree,that the system is fast and reliable,to detect if there are trespassers or thieves in one`s area through their automatic and computerized back ups,but I feel sorry for those people who lost their jobs.

Although,it is imperative that the crimes became lesser(is it so?) because of this Computerized Security System.You won`t regret your money to pay them monthly cause they prove their quality of work.

How about the maintenance of your appliances?You pay 500$-600$ for a year warranty,and yet when the time comes that you face the product`s damage,you couldn`t get the service that you expect?It is happening and it sucks!During emergencies,say your air conditioner died on summertime,what are you supposed to do when there was no one to fix it?Are you going to wait for a couple of days,use electric fan for a substitute?And if you have small kids with you,you can scream out loud for the pathetic warranty service you are paying for.Read some more facts on this site,American Home Shield.
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