A Way To Communicate With Your Partner
Monday, January 07, 2008

Human ought to live without satisfaction.

My friends and acquaintances deliberately admit that they hate pulling out grasses from their yard,especially those who have huge ones.They dream for big houses,or let`s say they work too much to achieve their goals,so why cry now?LOL!

I truly can relate well with them.Most of the housewives here work to support the needs of the families,it is so distressful to do the household chores,so what more working at your yard?Unlike in Singapore,housewives work too much in order to pay for their maids` salaries.In some countries,maids are so affordable,as long as you have a decent salary of your own,you can keep a maid or two at your house.

I feel good whenever I see parents that are cooperating to take care of their lawns,trees and shrubs.I consider it a good way of communicating or a good sign of a good relationship.A house is a home with a good family bonding.

Well,things would be easier if they would just call for a service just like Tru Green offers,but at least they show their own effort on how to take care by themselves,that is also taking care of your own family.
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