Sunday, January 13, 2008

One of my New Year`s resolutions is to be a "tougher" mom this year,literally speaking.After moving,I have to make all the adjustments,especially the interior decorating and fixing all the appliances into order.Hubby doesn`t like electricity much.Me neither.I remember how we had fights for just setting up the television cords and everything,LOL!

I do not want to depend on him this time.Besides,it`s me who`s in the house everyday.I have to be aware on how to do it,I should know more about cables and cords,and about Cat6.

Goshhhhh,I want to finish all of this tasks!!And it`s just starting.
posted by ghee at 12:13 AM
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Comments for Cables,Cords,Etc..
goodluck ghee, for transferring to another house.

i experienced it here, after 2 yrs, married with bernie, now I say, i would never transfer to any appt. anymore, at least our present appt where we live, will be demolished or we have our own


ay oo nga, wala akong nakita

yon private blog mo, nahirapan kung pupuntahan, saka ko na, i put in my links, kung maayos na yon blog ko....under control pa....


Hi Ghee!
To be a "tough" is very helpful...sometimes.
I don't like electricity too,
only I'm "tough" with... replacing the bulbs.

Good luck!


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