Saturday, October 14, 2006

A gratitude to you,TK,for this very wonderful digiscrapped header.I really love it!!And of course I love you,too!!


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Comments for NEW LOOK!
Hi Ghee Ghee:-)
Your blog is excellent one.
I really enjoyed the pics and design.
I am a great fan of Akira Kurasova.I have seen most of his movies.
You r the first from Japan to visit my blog.
Please visit my blog again.I will also do the same.
Enjoy a nice week end.

hallo Ghee...pwede ko bang palampasin eto? 'nah! :)

galeng naman ng daughter mo, marunong siyang kumuha ng anggulo ha...ayan meron ka nang photographer for your blogs :D

nice pics, thanks for sharing!

Ganda ng mga pictures Ghee. Nice view. Ang galing ng daughter mo. Ilang taon na sya?

wow galing nya ah. seem like she gonna be a photographer.

great fotos Ghee.

ano man yan pangalan ko hindi ko na alam..hehehe


Hello Deepak!Welcome to my blog.
I`m glad that you liked what you`ve seen here.And its nice to know that you are friendly and interested in Japanese movies.

But let me tell you that I`m not Japanese,but I`m based in Japan.

Hope to see you often :)


heyy,girl..thanx naman at napansin mo tong site na to :)

You are always welcome here,anytime,nasa side bar ko ang link nito *wink*



thanx ofr appreciatio: ;)

my eldest ang kumuha nito,she tool these when last year,now,she`ll be 14 next month.

yung last pic,that was her,yung youngest daughter ko nman ang kumuha nun,shes just got 7 this 1st.


hehe,ang layo sa future dream nya :)
pero siguro nga,may potential sha,its up to her kung kaya nyang maimprove.

Thanx Carlotz,for my last header talaga :D


awesome pictures and places !

wow photograpehr in a making, galg mg anak mo.

saang lugar ito?

Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing and have your daughter keep it up.

Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing and have your daughter keep it up.

Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing and have your daughter keep it up.

Very nice pictures. Thank you for sharing and have your daughter keep it up.

"WOW"These are beautiful pic's.good eyes for good shot'
Keep it up.
Thanks for sharing my friend
Wish you all well




sa Niigata yan,maganda ang bundok lalo na pag may snow,actually,kahit di winter,kulay puti yung bundok dahil sa peaceful jan :)


thank you very much for coming.Yeah,sure,I`ll tell her.I dont expect her to be a professional though :)


No problem,the pleasure is mine :)
wish you well,too!"

Nice pics ...

I really loved the header. My congrats to Caroltz.

Woow, what lovely pictures - all of them in the last posts! Thanks for sharing and I loved the face in all angles you know!

Btw; great header too:-)


heyyy Johnnn!nice to see you here.
Yeah,Carlotz is really good and my other friend,Tikei!

good luck to your exams :D


awww,Renny!! Thats so sweet of you :D

thanxxxxxx!! muahhhhhh!

ang gaganda ng pix te! baka maging photographer nyan si daughter! thanks for sharing po... mwuahuggz!

Hi Ghee! Great pics, tell your daughter to keep it up :).... Japanese scenery, now that's paradise :)


hmm,not bad ano?pero mas gusto ko sha ang model for pictures eh,hehe,wala namang hilig..o baka modelling ang walang hilig sa knya?haha!


heyyy thanxx!But she does it when shes in the mood,shes not that interested I think :D

I love those places,we just visit there once or twice a year.But the mountain with snow on top even summertime really amaze me :D

The pix are really beauty, your daughter is an artist!!
I love the new style of your blog and the pix in the head are really japakitsch, they´re fantastic!

I´ve just started a curse of Flight Assistant.
During the next 4 months we´ll learn all the things to be able to fly. If necesary, we will even have to attend a childbirth!!
Oh my God, I hope this will never occur....

oh wow! you now have a photo blog. at ang dami ring comments. pinoy big blogger ka na =)

Thank u.
Good day

Hi! I know you thanks to Gunillo's blog. Nice pictures and nice to see other places of the world ;) This is my little gallery of art:

Hi girl, long time ago I had a japanise girfriend her name was Mich ko. she went back to japan and we lost contact , but she told me wonders about this majic contry,
Greetings from ANGEL of NY.

wowwww!I am excited for you!!
Good luck and i hope for your flight so soon :)

Thanx for the visit,update us what will happen to your childbirths attendance :)


awww,come on..You are a Pinoy big blogger,not me :)
musta na ba?dalubhasang dalubhasa na?


You are welcome!
happy weekend!!


hello there!welcome to my blog!!

Thanx to Gunillo then?
Your photos are great,keep up the good work.I see you again later! :)


ohh,Michiko was the name of your former GF?so,how did you find some Japanese cultures?

thanx for the visit!!

Good day & a nice week end


have a nice weekend too!
enjoy and rest *)

Hi Ghee! Probably my favourite is the one with your lovely daughter in that beautiful garden. Where it's at?


Hi' sorry for my incomplete comment, but Im having problems with this new beta blogger thing.
I just come to see what's new in ur blog, i really love the picks you add here. it is a beautiful landscape !

Just a suggestion,"If you have a lot of pictures to share with friends ,why don't you create an acount in flickr" it is free and it is fun . if you want to check it out I leaveving you the address.

sya latter girl. ADIOS ;-)


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